Early Math adding/subtracting exercises to 5 and to 20 do not show question content

I’m running both KA Lite and Kolibri on a RPi 3b plus. The early math content exercise for “Add within 5” and “Subtract within 5” does not show. The rest of the content on the page shows up. The pages with the graphics used for counting do work.

The client devices being used are iPad 2 running the last OS supported by them (9.5.3). I have tried to access this content with both Chrome v 63.3239.73 and Firefox v 8.3, again both of these are the last version supported by the OS.

The content does show up on an iPad Air 2 running iOS 11.4.1, with the most current versions of Chrome and Firefox.

So there seems to be an issue with the earlier versions of the browsers handling the large colored numbers used in these early math content exercises.

Again, thus far, all the other graphics and numerical content in Early Math is working.

We very much need this early math to work with the iPad 2s we have here. Is there a different recommended browser to use that would make this work? Or is there a fix of some type?

I’d like to add some additional information. I tried Microsoft Edge browser on the iPad 2s, but found the same problem.

Additionally, I tried the Khan Academy web site to test out to see if these particular lessons work and they do in every one of the browsers on the iPad 2. So, seems there is something with the KA Lite content with these early math lessons.

I have just seen that the same problem holds true with the adding and subtracting to 20 content. The large colored numbers do not show up on the screen, while everything else does. The next level up where the large colored numbers are not used, the content shows up without a problem.