More categories in Studio

We have installed Studio in a local server. We would like to add a new category “Curriculum” with the corresponding competencies.
We know that we should modify both Studio and Kolibri.
What would be the correct way to add a new category into Studio?

Hi @Juan_Pablo_Seminario,

Please see the Studio developer documentation: studio/ at unstable · learningequality/studio · GitHub and Kolibri developer documentation Kolibri developer documentation — Kolibri developer documentation 0.16.0.dev0+git.20230112005353 documentation to orient yourself on the architecture of Studio and Kolibri.

Unfortunately, we do not have capacity to offer support for custom software development beyond our open source documentation and code, but the information there should be sufficient for what you need.

We have considered the ability of users to add their own curriculum schema to Studio for distribution into Kolibri previously, but the plans were too ambitious to implement within the scope of the metadata updates we have made in the past couple of years. If you have more details of the kind of additional information you are interested in adding, I’d be interested to hear.

Another group has previously leveraged the existing ‘tags’ system to add arbitrary metadata in a structured way to ContentNodes, and then modified Kolibri to render those in a specific way.

Good luck!

Kind Regards,

Thanks Richard
We will review the documentation and try the study the code.
Actually, Studio has 5 main categories (Daily life, For teachers, Basic skills, School, Work)
We want to add a 6th category “Curriculum”
The category “Curriculum” would have subcategories which are the “Competencies”
The goal is to align content to the National Curriculum, so that way we can make it easier for teachers to find the right content for their sessions