Can I upload the content directly to local Kolibri without use Kolibri studio?

I want to create some content but I saw that I should upload the content first to Kolibri studio and then download to my local Kolibri. I want to know if there are a way to directly upload the content to my local server ?

Hello @jorgevargasmor

No, currently there’s no way to do it without using Studio. It’s something that’s in Kolibri roadmap but it’s not planned yet.


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To follow up on @jredrejo’s reply - our first goal for this will be to allow the upload of resources within lessons, this will avoid having to introduce the ability to create entire channels in Kolibri (which would be a substantial undertaking, as can be seen from Kolibri Studio).

At the moment, the main technical blocker for this is to allow easy copying and dissemination of user uploaded resources across multiple Kolibri devices when Kolibri’s syncing mechanisms are being used - once we have resolved this technical issue, this functionality should be more easily implemented.

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