Kolibri Studio not showing correct resources under the Topic folder

Operating System: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Browser: Chrome, Safari

Channel (Name of the channel you were working on): Grow Smart

Description of problem:
When uploading content this morning for the Grow Smart Second Edition Newsletter:

1 – I refreshed the page to ensure all PDF content resources had been uploaded. When the page refreshed it showed 0 resources under the Topic folder as shown by the screenshots.

2 – When I clicked on each topic folder and went into them, the resources were in fact there.
3 – When I went back to the page showing the list of topic folders, the number of resources per topic was suddenly listed.

4 – I closed Kolibri and opened it in a new tab on a different browser (Chrome first and then Safari) and the same thing occurred as mentioned in points 1 – 3.

My concern is that if we are experiencing this as the people loading the content and we know that the content has in fact been placed there, what experience does our end user have if they are looking for content but the topic folder says 0 resources?

Thank you so much for your help with this.