Kolibri Server Dropping Clients

Hi, I have a kolibri server running on windows and upgraded to the latest release. I am currently having issues with dropped clients. I didn’t have this problem with the older 0.7 install that i had last year. The server could easily handle 30 + clients before, but now it can only handle 15 to 20 users without any issues. Larger users logging into the server causes disconnection and latency.

Any help would be very much welcome.

Server Specs
AMD A8 APU, 4 GIG RAM, 500 gig HD.

Hi @Victor_Sison1,

I am have the same problem on ubuntu 16.04: Thread: After Upgrading to kolibri v0.11.1 - Server continues to disconnects and reconnects clients

Please let me know i you have managed to overcome this issue.

Thanks so much.