Kolibri Installation online

Need advice
I plan to set up my PC so that Kolibri is accessed online by several users all over Kenya.
What’s best setup considering that a single kolibri Installation can only support upto 20 Devices.
Assuming I want about 100 users/devices to access the Server at any given time.
Thank you

Hi @Masomotele,

First, I just want to note that there are several security considerations when running an app, like Kolibri, that’s online and accessible via the internet. Having the appropriate technical skills to manage this is extremely important. Ideally, you acquire a HTTPS certificate to provide secure connections between clients and the server. Without this, account credentials, such as admin credentials, sent between a client and the server could be intercepted.

Another consideration, is to ensure the device hosting Kolibri has a proper firewall to protect itself from malicious traffic outside of traffic to Kolibri. If this device connects through a firewall router, port forwarding is an option and limits the exposure of the device to the internet. Additionally, I would recommend establishing automation to make regular backups of the Kolibri app and database data, such that in the event of an issue, you can restore the app to a previous state.

As far as hosting Kolibri for 100+ users/devices, I recommend setting up a dedicated device to run Kolibri. For this use case, a Windows PC is not recommended. Instead, a Ubuntu or Debian Linux computer would be suitable for running Kolibri. We have a separate installation method, referred to as kolibri-server, which installs Kolibri with additional software to maximize performance. Instructions on how to install kolibri-server.

In summary, I suggest:

  • Setting up a dedicated PC with Debian-based Linux
  • Use and configure networking hardware that can handle the inbound traffic
  • Configuring a proper firewall on the device for safety
  • Using kolibri-server
  • Obtaining a HTTPS certificate and configuring it (there are other topics on the forum regarding this)
  • Automating backups of PostgreSQL and Kolibri data to a separate device or drive


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