Number of users per Kolibri Instance?

How many users can a single kolibri Instance host
For instance a PC with 8 GB RAM and Core i7
Also whats the most effective way to increase number of users by kolibri Instance
Does increasing hardware specifications automatically increase number of users !

Hello @Masomotele I’m afraid I’ll have to respond that “it depends”.
In Frequently Asked Questions — Kolibri User Guide you can see a pdf with recommended hardware configurations and a spreadsheet with checked installations.

Increasing hardware specs will increase the number of users if no bottlenecks are in the middle.

Main points to bear in mind:

  • Concurrency: if you don’t have simultaneous users, the limit is in your hard drive capacity, that could be thousands of users but that’s not going to happen if multiple need to access to the database at the same point.
  • Operative System and deployment: Kolibri is made in Python, Python is limited to one process at a time, so having more cores in your cpu won’t improve it… unless you deploy it using some wsgi implementation as uwgsi or Gunicorn that are able to launch multiple processes of the server. Default installation of kolibri is a python standard application so it’s only one process at one time.
  • Networking: if you have your clients connected to the server using wifi you’ll have to divide your wifi bandwidth by the number of users. Your server capability will be quite limited. In this case it’s very recommended to connect the server to the wifi access point using a cable, and clients can use wifi without adding this bottleneck.

There are many other elements to consider that can affect. With your server, if you have a good networking you should be able to handle around 100 concurrent users without much problem , but it’s still something that can’t be ensured as… it depends

Hope this helps.