Kolibri front UI inconsistant

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Please see below screenshot: the percentage goes over 100% it fluctuates under and above 100%… it happens frequently when importing content.

The other inconsistency is the size of the channel: Please see below: Level 9 says 0B, which is false: I have rebooted after importing this channel to make sure it picks up correctly, but it does look like a bug possibly.

If you look in the learn Tab, you will find content in level 9:

Then there is also (Last but not least) the annoying message (LOL): This happens frequently: Whether it is importing from local or online.

Technical details

  • Kolibri version
    @ Kolibri 0.12.2

  • Operating system
    Distributor ID:Ubuntu
    Description:|Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS|
    Codename: xenial

  • Browser
    @ Chrome

Hello @Bryan_Fisher

All these issues have the same reason: you are using kolibri-server which launches multiples instances of kolibri to have a better performance. The problem is reported and being tracked at https://github.com/learningequality/kolibri-server/issues/14

Kolibri wasn’t ready to manage properly this situation when downloading channels content. It’s a known issue that it’s being fixed. In the meantime it’s a bit annoying but does not have consequences, the channels are downloaded correctly at the end.

The solution is already implemented and planned to be released in version 12.4 of Kolibri https://github.com/learningequality/kolibri/pull/5230 . In the meantime you can switch to use just kolibri (without kolibri-server) while loading channels or just live with this UI issues.

José L.

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Hi @jredrejo,

Thanks so much for your quick reply.

It’s not much of an issue, and we will gladly live with while looking forward to the new release v12.4. :slight_smile:

Hi @Bryan_Fisher -

Just a heads-up that we are in the final beta-testing phase of Kolibri 0.12.4, which includes this fix and many others.

If you’d like to help us with testing the new version, any feedback would be appreciated! You can download release artifacts from here. You can also install the latest ‘proposed’ version using the apt repository ppa:learningequality/kolibri-proposed