Kolibri: Clicks per task

We realize a KOLIBRI-Teacher-Training-project in El Salvador: We would like to know how many clicks (rights and wrongs) it took a user to complete a task / module. Is that possible? And if: how?

Greetings from Switzerland, Christoph & the team of CONSCIENTE. (https://www.consciente.ch/en/homepage/)

Hello Christoph.
The kind of information you need is not being generated or showed in the web UI.
However, It’s technically possible to get it because Kolibri saves that information. It’s used to generate most of the new coach real time reports that have been implemented in version 0.12.

For you to get that data you would need to have some database skills as this info is stored in the Kolibri database.
If you have those skills I will be glad to guide you to the tables and fields where you should look.

In any case, I encourage you to take a look at the work that has been done in the latest version to provide more info to the teachers, https://kolibri.readthedocs.io/en/latest/coach/index.html. I think it could cover most if not all your needs.

José L.

Hello, José, thank you very much for your quick response – and sorry for my late answer. So we wil check your link and I would appreciate if we could ask you for more support if necessary…

Christoph Kühnhanss from Switzerland

Hi Christoph,

Thank you for your inquiry. Since this 0.12 update is a substantial change from the previous version, we would be keen on getting feedback to see where it can be further improved!

We would love to know your impressions of the new coach reports and whether they address your original question. If you have any concerns or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to share them here or send me a message, and we can take them in for future consideration.

Jessica Aceret, User Experience Lead