Kolibri 0.9 for desktop under windows 10

I ve installed Kolibri 0.9 under windows 10 but forget my user name and password
I unistall it et réinstall it again… but i can’t create a new user
How do resolve this problem?

Hi @toyaotayek, to create another Kolibri admin username password you need to do it at the Windows command prompt.
Here’s the sample screenshot on how to do it.

The reason why you can’t create another Kolibri admin password when you reinstall the Kolibri again. it’s because you have an existing username password stored at C:\Users\YourUser\.kolibri. if you wanna create a new one you can delete that path but WARNING! it will delete all your Kolibri channel content and database records. I recommend you to do the Windows command prompt.