Khan Academy Farsi channel in Kolibri


Would it be possible to create a Kolibri studio channel based on Khan Academy Farsi videos? I am working with a YarraFoundation charity and we are planning to run some pilot projects in Iran using Kolibri. This content could be very useful for these projects.


Hi Arman,
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It’s definitely possible to get Khan Academy Farsi content into Kolibri Studio. To import Khan Academy content for other languages we use this content integration script, which would need to be updated to include the Farsi content.

However, since nobody on the Learning Equality team speaks Farsi, it’s hard for us to know just what that would take or if there might be unforeseen challenges that we’d need to prepare for.

One way you might help us is by answering a few questions about the structure of this content. If that’s something you’d be up for, I can connect you with our content team.


Hi Micah,

Thanks for your the quick response and the great work that you are doing.
I’d be more than happy to help :slight_smile: Would be great if you can connect me to your content team.


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