Kahn content learning objectives

Is there any documentation indicating the titles/learning objectives of the Kahn content? I’m looking to do some correlation work to design local course content and it would help if I could get lists of titles, and even better if their was a list of titles with corresponding learning objectives.


Hello @ddcgrant,

We don’t have such a list available. There are currently two ways to preview all content of a channel:

  1. Before importing it in Kolibri
  2. When it’s available for a channel in Catalog, you can click on the context menu in the bottom right corner (three dots) of the channel card and then click “View channel on Kolibri”. This will redirect you to a page where you can preview the content of the channel. I’ve just checked some Khan Academy channels and this option was available.

I realize that these options probably don’t address your needs as you describe them. Also, since we don’t currently store any metadata from Khan Academy about learning objectives, the question is if the list of titles only would be sufficient. I haven’t been able to find if they even provide learning objectives yet. Do you have any information about it?

We’d welcome to hear about your workflow in more detail.

Kind regards,

thanks for the reply Michaela.

I appreciate that the Learning Objectives may not be readily available, but if there is a list of Kahn titles that would be very helpful.

Regarding my workflow - I’m building a series of lessons for students in rural northern Canada (where there is no or unstable internet) and using Kolibri to address learning gaps in Math and Reading Comprehension (M-RC) for students in grade 8.Students will spend 3 hours/week focused on individualized plans to strengthen their M-RC skills prior to heading into high school in an effort to improve high school success rates for students from rural areas.

thanks for any help you can provide.


Donald Grant

Hello dear Donald,

Currently, we don’t have the list of titles available - the only ways of getting titles are the ones I described earlier in this thread. However, I talked about your use case with the team and logged it.

Thank you for sharing your workflow with us and for helping rural students smoother transition to high school.

Warm regards,