Ka lite video not playing after upgradation 0.13 to 0.15

This is an old problem we are facing. In a remote school there is NComputing network with 10 system and a server with OS ‘windows 2003 server’.The server had kalite 0.13 installed along with offline videos.
After upgrading to kalite 0.15. We found that the videos was no longer playing.There was no response after click the play button.Later we saw in some videos had error messages ‘NO video with supported format and mime type not found’.
We were able to locate the video location from the page and were able to play it on video player or browser’s like firefox/chrome through the inbuilt video player.
We tried upgrading it 3 times without success. we had updated browsers and plugins.
We have latest version of vlc media player and quick time media player.


Sorry that you have this issue! It isn’t easy to debug video playback issues because there are so many different browsers, operating systems - and not least - videos have changed.

KA Lite updates are only supported 0.01 version per update. So 0.13->0.14 is supported, but no one guarantees that 0.13->0.15 will work (although it might).

0.15 is from 2015, 0.16 series is from 2016, and 0.17 is from 2017… so I have to honestly say that fixing or supporting video playback issues in 0.15 isn’t possible anymore. A lot of things have been fixed since then, so the easiest thing might be to try upgrading all the way up to 0.17. You don’t need to download videos at each step to do the upgrades, just make sure that you run kalite manage setup at each step (or adequately: Start and stop KA Lite)

When you have completed these updates, you are likely required to re-download videos. Would you be able to do this? 0.17 has substantially different contents from 0.15, so not many of the old videos will work with the new sets of contents from KhanAcademy.org.

Ok fine. I had another doubt, can i install ka lite 0.17 in system having OS ‘windows 2003 server’.