KA Lite for iPad 1

Is there any way to download or use KA lite on iPad 1 running ios 5.1.1? There isn’t consistent internet in my area so KA lite is the best option for me I think but I am not sure how to use it for an iPad. Thank you.

Hi! Unfortunately, Learning Equality has no plans to develop iOS applications for any of its products.

However, if KA Lite were installed on a PC, the iPad should be able to access the installation as a client device through a local network. To ensure compatibility, try using a browser other than Safari (like Google Chrome or Firefox).

To be clear, KA Lite is no longer under active development. Kolibri, our current platform and actively developed product, does have an Android application planned. This application would allow for the internet-agnostic feature you mention, but it would not work for your iPad.