Is it possible to sync channels into an Android device?

Hello, LE community!

I am working with my non-profit to help rural schools in Colombia to strive during the pandemic. We are going to use Kolibri to provide a distance learning model.

I know that it is possible to sync channels into a laptop using the Kolibri App so that students can access at their homes to content and classes. But, is it possible to do this with a cellphone? I have not found an App for Android.

So, is there a way to sync channels/classes/data between a server and cellphones?

Thank you for your time!

Hello @anruiz93
LE is working in an android version of Kolibri that has several sync features, but it’s not considered (yet) complete. Syncing content, fully classes and lessons is possible in the phone but not syncing individual users.
The access to the android version is restricted to a beta program because it won’t be made public until all the needed features (mainly individual users sync) are complete.
You can read to know more details and to request to help testing the beta version if you think you fulfill the requirements.

José L.

Thank you, José, for your prompt answer! I will check out the link.

You can build a shared server to enable android connect and sync content. Send me a mail if you will like to know more