How to create more than one facility

Is there a way to create more than one facility on the Kolibri? I didn’t see any option to create more facilities neither on the command line options nor on the web GUI. But I saw that I can create different instances of kolibri and sync them to the main Kolibri, if I go this route would I be able to manage other Kolibri instances from the main Kolibri instance?

Hi @safi_khan,

Yes, this is a slight oversight on our part - it is possible to sync in multiple facilities from other Kolibri instances, so that is the workaround for now.

This should be relatively straight forward to implement on our side, but we may not be able to bring this in prior to 0.15.

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Hi @richard
Thank you for the prompt reply, just wasn’t sure if I was missing something. If I sync the facilities, would I be able to manage the users, content, and admins from the main Kolibri instance? If not, do you have any suggestions on how to tackle this until 0.15 arrives (also when do you think that will be arriving?) We will have about 5-10 new facilities in the next few months. I am just trying to plan out a deployment plan for kolibri.

Thank you


Adding to what Richard mentioned above, to understand what is available in current version of Kolibri, read the Facilities section of our user guide.

For more details to consider around the facility syncing strategies, read the Implementation models for distance learning with Kolibri v0.14 document.

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Yes - the changes would propagate when you synchronize.

Okay, I will try it and proceed with this option. One more question, if I proceed with one instance per facility, would there be an option to move the data from all the facility instances to the main Kolibri instance and remove all the other Kolibri instances in the 0.15 version?