How to add newlines in description field of a content item in Studio?

Browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari):

Description of problem:
When I am trying to add newlines in the description field of any content item in studio, the same does not render in the view mode and all the content appears as a single line. It is also the same case when the content is imported into Kolibri. It makes a lot of content unreadable and hence inconvenient.

Hi @shrenik - if viewing the resource in a coach report, does the same thing happen? I ask, as I see we have inconsistently applied markdown rendering to coach reports description rendering, but not elsewhere - and am wondering if this would persist the new lines.

Hi @richard ,

In the resource preview of coach report, the newline characters are rendered if and only if a double “enter” is pressed in the studio. However, this is not the case in the resource’s information drawer.
And single newline is not rendered. I am not sure if this is how markdown rendering is expected to work.

I hope this input helps. And apologies for the delay in the response. :slight_smile:

Thanks - that does rather accord with my assumption that the lack of markdown rendering in the resource drawer in Kolibri is contributing to this. The extra detail about the double new line is also helpful. I’ll try to file some issues to capture this.

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