How can i get the server token

sorry for all the topics i am publishing im trying to know how the platform works
im stuck with the sync functionality, now im trying with the command line to know what can i do but dont know wheres the server token or facility token to add with cli and try to use “kolibri manage registerfacility TOKEN” but dont know the token xd

Hey Yeffri,

No worries about the topics, happy to help!

Can you share with us what you’re intending to do with the sync feature? What is your setup like and how do you plan on using Kolibri? With some more information, I think I’ll be better able to guide you to correct documentation or help find another way to troubleshoot.

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yes we are making a kolibri network for rural places we have a central facility in cloud and we use it to sync the contents. the rural places we use raspberry pi with 2g modem and a router to give the kids wifi to access the content in kolibri
but i cant connect the local servers with the cloud i made it last year with the v0.14 but with v0.15 its nor possible :frowning: