Hours to import 39GB KA content vs minutes for 44GB of Sikana

Hello, A question about possible reason for 39 GB of KA content taking 4.5 hours to import vs 22 minutes for 44GB of Sikana content?

We are using 1TB SSD USB external drive to 1TB SSD internal in i3 Ubuntu machine w 8GB memory. Same drives and machine in both situations.

Having some concerns because when over 14 users are accessing KA via laptops on one WiFi access point there are periods of errors of server disconnected and delays - not finished trouble shooting this situation yet, but wanted clarification on lengthy time of KA to import vs other content importing quickly.

Hi @mrdavidhaag, my theory for why Sikana might be faster to import is that it’s content is a little more “simple” than KA. By that I mean, Sikana is almost entirely videos, where as KA is videos, plus exercises, which can include extra images and other content. So 1GB of Sikana might be 1-2 videos, but the equivalent in KA could be hundreds of files.

Hi @jonathan, Thanks for the reply.

I agree the KA content is heavily file laden. But the total video file content of Sikana is published at 2300 videos and that means 52 videos per GB. Which sounds about right cos the average Sikana video is about 19Mb x 2300 videos = 44GB

So 2300 files for 44GB of Sikana imports in 22 minutes, means that KA would be about 28,000 files for 39 GB import in 4.5 hours. That is if my math is correct. And KA could easily have 28k files.

My concern is that our difficulties seem to arise when over 15 students are accessing KA content and I thought perhaps the un-proportional amount of time to import KA 39GB may have some meaning (reason).

I will ask the 15+ student group to do an experiment and only access the Sikana content and see if they notice any difference.

We are still in the midst of troubleshooting user experience issues and trying to quantify items that may be a possible trouble source. Lots of other variables, so will right off the long import for now.

Thank you all at LE team for your work in helping others.