Hiding Channel from learners

Is there a way that we can hide public channels like khanacademy, engageny from learners and they only can see lessons as a teacher I made for them.
Because if I assign some quiz to them, they have access to channels from where they can see the answers in teacher edition.

This is something I am also interested in. I need to hide some of the Kolibri channels both my RACHEL Plus devices & on my Server 2008. How can I hide some of the channels?

Thanks for your interest - there isn’t currently a mechanism for doing this in Kolibri, but we have heard similar feedback.

To get a clearer sense of your use case, would it be that you just want to hide the entire Channels tab in Learn, or would you want to hide specific channels from learners?

I think the option similar to we have for our private channels either available to coach or learner. Something similar in the settings will be helpful. To either hide channels or show channels to learners.

So, having it on a per-channel basis is of most need?

Follow-up question: do you want to hide it just for the duration of the quiz to limit peeking, but then re-show it outside of quiz time so they can study?

Yes, the ability to hide and re-show channels by the coach will be perfect.

Yes, some channels are for extracurricular learning. So the ability to hide individual channels will be an ideal situation.

I would like the ability to hide some of the channels from Coaches & Learners. My experience is that when I give the Coaches too many options, they become overwhelmed & do not use the resources at all. In the past with RACHEL I hid channels from them until they started using the limited resources they had available, then introduced the modules one or two at a time to prevent data overload.
I would like to do the same thing with Kolibri. I know I can delete channels & add them back later, but when you’re supporting a number of schools that are hundreds or thousands of miles away, you want to give them something fully loaded, because it may be a long time before you can return, & you don’t have weeks to reinstall large channels on a number of devices with no Internet. Plus I could always document the process to unhide channels so that when they say, “I wish there was some training material about…” I can tell them there is, & here’s how to unhide it.

Thanks - we’ll look into this. From @LarryY’s post it sounds like this would be something that the Super Admin would do, either hiding channels completely, or making them only available to coaches for @mathkhan’s use case.

Does this seem like an accurate assessment?

Yes. That sounds correct from my perspective.