Future request for kolibri


Kolibri is a really nice project.
I would like to suggest a calendar and a collaborative sheet to complete it.
The calendar should synchronize homework, quizzes, tests, for students given by the teacher.
As collaborative editing I would like to suggest a very nice and light Etherpad with many functions.

Hi @albanobattistella thank you for the feedback! We’ll log it internally.

Are there any existing examples of software you’ve used which provides analogous functionality? That would help understand the use-cases a bit better.

Hi devon,

Thank you for your answer.
Etherpad is ideal forkolibri as collaborative writing. It has many functions and works well on the net.
It only weighs 8 MB and can be implemented in the package.
Instead if we want to use kolibri studio I suggest Libreoffice online, Collabora, cryptpad in the server.