Feature Request - Assign whole channels to class, user type and/or individuals

  1. I only see the option for Learners to either, login to see the Resource Channels, NOT have to login to see the Resource Channels, or only see Resources assigned in class.

For the Login options, instead of having access to ALL Resources within the Library, I propose to be able to assign what resources they see when they Login or Not Login. Some of the Resources are only for teachers or staff.

  1. I also propose for the Coaches to be able to assign whole Channels (i.e., Khan Academy) to their classes as Resources that are always available instead of only being able to assign specific content (i.e., Khan Academy → Fractions → Reverse Fractions) within their Lessons.

Hi @Corrin! Thanks for this additional piece of feedback – selective channel visibility is something we’ve heard before in different forms, so this is a very helpful input. The only granular content visibility we have at the moment is the coach-facing content flag, which is something marked on individual resources within their channels, via Kolibri Studio.