Feature Request - Allow Coaches to Assign Learners to their Class

It seems that Super Admin is the only role that has the permissions to assign Learners to classes, it seems to be a hassle for a Coach who is trying to quickly assign a Learner to his/her class and has to ask an Admin to do it. I recommend that this capability be coded in as a setting that can be granted to a coach and admin user type.

For example, Under the Super Admin role add:
Facility → Users → Options → Edit Details → If the User Type “Coach” or “Admin” is selected, then add a permission checkbox "Allow to assign User Type “Learner” to their assigned classes. The Coach should only be able to see “Learner” user types, while Amins can see all.

Thank you, @Corrin! This is in line with feedback we’ve we’ve heard previously, and one workaround we’ve recommended in the past is making teachers admins (not device admins, just facility admins) in cases where that control is desired, but it’s clear that more granularity is desirable. The reason we don’t allow coach accounts to do this by default is that it then allows a coach to view all the data for a user, which in some cases has privacy implications (if the learner didn’t want to be in that class). A permissions option, as you suggest, or an “invitation” mechanism that a learner then needs to accept, or a code that coaches can give to learners to allow them to join a class from their side, are all ideas we’ve considered. Thanks for feeding into the inputs for this part of the roadmap!

Thank you for your email. It’s clear that your organization has already given it a lot of thought. It’s a GREAT product!

Thank you,

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