Creating Quiz for Guest & Displaying Result too

This is my first question so apologies if this does not fit to standard format of asking help.

I want to provide Quiz resource to guest user and display results after completion of quiz. I know an Exercise resource can be good fit but in my case I want to use Quiz (sort of exam practice with time window). I believe I can use Role based permission to implement this. But I want to know how can I model Outcome of quiz by guest in current architecture.

There is another aspect I want to explore is moving Quiz to channel instead of Class. Any thought would be welcome.


Currently, a user with the Coach role (say, you) can only assign Quizzes to Learners who also belong to a Classroom. Learners cannot be guests, because they need an account in order to log their answers, score, etc. Also, if a person does an Exercise resource as a guest, we do not save their answers, so you as a coach will not be able to look at those results either.

I believe this will be a feature soon on Kolibri Studio (I might need to confirm this). Currently, Quizzes can only be made by selecting the Exercise resources at the same time the Quiz is created.

Hope this answers your questions!

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@jonathan Where do you recommend I go to understand these different roles? I’d like to set up a classroom, and this is my first time with Kolibri, and I’m pretty overwhelmed…

Hi Avi,

The Kolibri documentation is online at Kolibri User Guide

The documentation is divided up into sections for users, teachers, and administrators. For information on roles, please refer to the Default User Roles and Users topics on this page: Manage Kolibri

Please don’t hesitate to ask for further assistance.