Feature Request - 1-warning for epileptic seizure 2- suitable content for color blind people

Feature 1

I know that may sound strange since a warning like that typicall is included in other media like movies, video games … etc.
but since Learning Equaliy learners are from different countreis across the world with huge diversity in

  • medical and living circumstances
  • culture

It’s really good feature to have let’s take a look at example

  • a coach or admin adding a channel to Kolibri class can review the content (a video typically) first and if any frame contains any flashes, lights… etc he can edit the video and put a warning before it.

Feature 2
a UI with colors suitable for color blind users

@abdelrahman725 Thank you for proposing these features for Kolibri.

At the moment on Kolibri Studio it’s certainly possible for an admin to review the videos they want to include in their channels for flashes and seizure inducing elements. They can choose to download the video, edit it, and upload it back to their channel instead of the original source file. Also worth mentioning that we are working on improving the metadata for the resources in Kolibri Content Library, that will offer further possibilities of indicating (among others) the accessibility features of the resources.

During the design of Kolibri UI we did use the common development tools and color vision deficiencies simulators, to check and ensure no information gets lost. If you have specific example of the page where the Kolibri UI color combinations could be improved for users with color blindness, please forward the screenshot for our design team to review.