Do Users have an ability to rate or provide review feedback for the class and contents in Kolibri

Do users( Coach/Learners) have ability to provide ratings or feedback on the contents ?

If so, please let us know the process

Hi Pradyumna,

Just to clarify, do you mean a way for learners to provide content feedback to an Admin on the same Kolibri installation/instance/device? Or to provide feedback to the original content creators?

If you mean feedback to the Admin, that is not currently a feature in Kolibri, no. As for feedback to the content creator through Kolibri, that’s also not implemented in the Kolibri — or Studio — interface as both simply “repackage” content for distribution on Kolibri.

If at all helpful, we are available here on the forum to note any feedback you might have.

And if you want to provide feedback to the content creators, you can likely reach out to them directly via their website if they advertise one.

Please let us know if I’m understanding you correctly.