Downloading quiz results for each question


I am looking to download quiz results for each question rather than the overall score of the quiz only. It seems that the information per question and learner can be seen in the browser, however there doesn’t seem to be an option to download it (preferably as a CSV file like the overall score per learner).

Would someone know of a way to download the results per question as seen on the screen?
Thank you for your advice!

Technical details

  • Kolibri version: 0.15.12
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Browser: Chrome

hello @nikitab

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, there is no provision for downloading or exporting in the manner you have described. This functionality may not be very useful without the context of each question, especially since quiz questions could be ordered randomly.

Hi Ann,

Thank you for your reply! I didn’t seem to get a notification and I saw your comment just now.

I believe that the reports show the questions in the same order for each learner, even with the question order set to randomized. It would be very useful to be able to export the results per question as it will be used to identify the gaps in understanding for each learner, rather than their overall score over several questions. The information is available to be seen on the screen, however we have to click on each learner to see their results per question and it is not manageable to do for hundreds of learners.

If there is no provision for downloading the report information displayed on the screen, could it be possible to extract it from the facility data (session or summary logs)?

Thanks again!

Hello @nikitab
Thanks for your followups, I believe “Difficult Questions” view could help address this specific needs by showing the areas where learners may be struggling.

Hi Ann,

Thank you for the tip, Difficult Questions could maybe give me the info I need. However it seems that the downloaded report shows only the number of learners that got the question wrong rather than the names of the learners.

It is only when clicking on a question title that the names of the learners who missed it appear. Like the score per question, it is only displayed on the screen and there is no option to download the info.

Is there anyone who was successful in collecting the score per question?

Thanks again!

Hello @nikitab
Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a way to export that exact information, but I have submitted a feature request regarding this.