Unable to see quiz questions

When creating quizzes, I can only preview or view the first question. When I try to preview or move to the second question, I can only see the loading bar. These are examples of what I see when previewing in the Coach dashboard and taking the quiz in the Learner dashboard:

I have also seen this issue on our student’s tablets before, where I assumed that the issue was with the questions themselves. However, now I am seeing this with my original questions and questions imported from Khan and CK-12.

I have tried:
Fixed and randomized order
From 4 to 24 questions per quiz
With original questions and questions imported from Khan and CK-12
Signing out of Kolibri after creating the quizzes and signing back in to try them out

and I am always unable to see past the first question. Thank you for your support!

Technical details

  • Kolibri version 0.14.7
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Browser: Chrome

Hello, thank you for reaching out.

I believe I know the cause of this error. This is a known bug that we’ve resolved in our latest release of Kolibri, 0.15.1.

Upgrading to the latest version should fix this particular issue, and unless it is a different issue than what I am thinking of, there is no way to fix it within your current version of Kolibri.

If you would like to avoid upgrading for any reason, can you check the console logs Chrome DevTools (hit F12, then find the “Console” tab for the “Errors” section).

I hope this helps!

Best regards,

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for your reply! I installed Kolibri 0.15.1 on my laptop and the quizzes are working indeed!

If you say the only way to have working quizzes is to upgrade, I will talk with the developer managing our tablets and hopefully it can be done.

In case it helps, here are the console errors I get with Kolibri 0.14.7:

Hm, it doesn’t appear there are any errors there that relate to the bug I’m familiar with, however, I’m glad to hear that upgrading resolved the issue for you! I hope they find it easy to update the tablets as 0.15 also brings along significant updates to content discovery for learners :slight_smile:.

Hey I’m also facing the same issue, it seems that issue still hasn’t been resolve in the latest build.

Technical Details

  • Kolibri version 0.16.0

  • Operating System: Ubuntu

  • Browser: Brave

Could you clarify what version you’re working with here? 0.16.0 has not been released.

My terminal outputs the following

INFO Starting Kolibri 0.16.0a4.dev0+git.266.g52aa63f9

I’m using the latest dev server.

Would you be able to access the Developer console, and show any errors that might be being shown there?

Hey, sorry for the delay here are the screenshots from dev console

Hi @Slayer,

Thanks for the screenshots - the pertinent line is actually the one not in red, where it says there’s an error in the JSON.

Does the exercise you are using to create this quiz also not work? Could you tell me which channel/exercise you are using, as it seems that something might have gone wrong while publishing this exercise on Kolibri Studio.

Kind Regards,

Hey @richard,
While creating the quiz I don’t face any issues. In fact, I can easily preview the same question that was giving the error when I’m not signed in as student.

I’m using Kolibri QA channel → Exercises → Practice quizzes → Cut the shape into equal parts & Teacher Questionnaire (Per Student) - Baseline
to generate the quiz. Also I have noted that it is not the case where all the questions for a particular module are not loading, only some of them are not loading even though the rest of the questions which look similar are being displayed properly.

Hrm, interesting - we’ll try to replicate this locally and see what is happening.