Coach Journey Checklist - a simple test?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had made any type of quiz for the learner / coach / admin tracks?
The checklist is certainly a useful template for this, but we’re looking to see if anyone had made a form of quiz / test or any automated exam that would enable us to ‘independently’ test how much our new recruits to Kolibri had really gauged from the initial training?


Hi @laura I was just wondering if this kind of quiz might be something Kolibri would officially be making and would come on the channel in the future perhaps please?

Hi @james,

Thanks for reaching out. We don’t currently have quizzes that independently test each of the user tracks, but we’re happy to create some. Are you thinking along the lines of questions around blended learning or questions around the Kolibri platform (user permissions and functionalities, etc)?


Thanks @laura that’s great!
Initially I think our biggest need would be for some questions to test the comprehension of how the Kolibri platform works (really simple stuff that shows where further demonstrations might be needed if a teacher hasn’t understood how to create an exam etc.). Basically like what’s on the checklist for the tracks on this channel
but in a form of a quiz so that the trainer can get some ‘independent’ qualification of their understanding post training. Would that be possible please?

Secondly, a similar quiz for blended learning would be great if it could be combined with similar content on a channel like the ‘How to get started with Kolibri’ channel?