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Hey Everyone

Found the 28th Jan webinar fascinating (especially the challenges of remote learning in Pakistan) and really hope that this program will be what we are looking for in support of remote indigenous bands in Northern Canada.

I have been asked by the project leader (PL) to look into this as she is very busy with other facets of the project , so what I’m looking for is help with 'where do I start, what questions do I need to ask and/or bring back to the PL, what learned advice can I glean and is there the opportunity to correspond directly with leaders and educators particularly in relation to obtaining and setting the hardware up.

The Ballantyne project (which seeks to improve the situation in these remote areas but with using young indigenous leaders) was started barely 18 month ago and has now started to get some real traction. There are several bands showing interest and funds are becoming available, especially for education; this is what I have been tasked with.

Finally, will the webinar become available for sharing? I want to take this back the PL as an example of the amazing events that are taking place.


Tim Carter

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Hi Tim,

Glad you were able to join the webinar yesterday and found it beneficial! In terms of getting started, our hardware guide gives a sense of what technical components are needed for set-up and configuration, and you can see a list of possible device types. Our full set of documentation shares more about installation and using Kolibri. Lastly, I’d take a look at our online demo site as well to get a better feel for what Kolibri looks like.

As you’re reading through the materials, some things to consider:

  • What hardware, if any, is currently available? If you’re looking to purchase hardware, what kind of set-up would work best for your program – a stationary computer lab model or a mobile model where devices could be moved between locations? And depending on funds available, how many devices could be purchased? This will help think about whether students have to share a device or each could use their own.
  • What age range and subject areas are served by the program? And languages?
  • What other considerations in terms of infrastructure are needed when thinking about setting up hardware?

After thinking through these components, happy to help address any specific questions you may have.

Oh and the recording is available here!