CK12 won't install in android app

Hello @Masomotele!

To continue investigating the issue you’re experiencing, we would need the Kolibri logs from your Android device. Please follow these steps to retrieve the logs:

  1. Close the Kolibri app if it is running.

  2. Connect your device to a computer using a USB cable.

  3. Select File transfer in the USB options on your device.

  4. Wait for your computer to recognize the Android device as an external drive.
    On Windows it should look something like this:

  5. Navigate the drive through the below path to open the logs folder:

    This PC\<your-device-name>\Internal shared storage\Android\data\org.learningequality.Kolibri\files\KOLIBRI_DATA\logs

  6. Copy the kolibri.txt file to your computer and send it as attachment to (include the link to this forum conversation for easier tracking).