Bringing Kolibri to Prisons

This is my first post, so please point me to the right place or procedure as neded. I run a business (Access2online Inc) and a nonprofit (Second Chance Net) both inside state prisons in Oregon. I would like to expand the educational opportunities available to our inmates, particularly those working for us. Are there people out there who have used Kolibri to do that at their prison, perhaps even in Oregon? Can you point me to white papers or how-to educational resources regarding the many obstacles that we need to overcome specific to prisons?

Hi @pshikli -
Thanks for sharing your interest in using Kolibri with your organization. We have been in touch with a few corrections facilities over the years and the best example we have seen of Kolibri being integrated into educational programming with inmates is at the Idaho Department of Corrections (IDOC), who have used KA Math content on Kolibri for their GED Math program. They presented at our September '21 Kolibri Virtual Learning Spaces and I’ve linked their video presentation here about how they have integrated Kolibri into their programming.

Kolibri can be installed individually on devices, or installed onto one server device and then connected to other devices over a local network (using a router or other local connection). We typically recommend the latter so that the facilitator can track progress from all students on a centralized device (it’s also more overhead to set up Kolibri on each device individually).

The Internet is required for initial download and content import, and then Kolibri can run offline. If the computer(s) where Kolibri will be installed are unable to get periodic access to the Internet, then another option is to install it onto a different device that does have access, and then export it onto a USB for offline installation. I’d be happy to talk through any of this further, just let us know what would be helpful!