Blockly games current version (Bird game) has issues with changing degrees and XY values

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*We successfully used Kolibri during our programming sessions on Maze game. I had a look at the other games on the current version of Blockly namely the bird and the turtle.

I found an interesting problem that I was not sure why it was happening.

On the bird game- It loads properly and it appears okay, however when you want to change the degrees on the heading block, or x or y values on the axis block, the drop down does not appear neither does the box get ready to be typed on after clicking.

This is what is expected (I used offline version that i have for this which is actually lots of work as you need to put in every single computer that needs to be used )

I think there is an issue probably with loading JavaScript properly.

Technical details

  • Kolibri version - 0.12.7
  • Operating system - Windows 10 Pro
  • Browser- Google Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi @maxwellfundi, when running the game in Kolibri, could you see if there are any errors in the Chrome Developer Tools?

It might be useful to compare the kinds of network calls made by the Kolibri HTML5 renderer versus the offline version. Like you said, it’s possible that the Kolibri-modified version might be missing something.

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I can confirm there seems to be a content bug.

I filed an issue here to keep track of this so we can investigate further:

Many thanks @ivan, I hope this can be fixed soon :slight_smile: