Attemptlog file timestamp

Good day, we recently ran a quiz for a class of 805 and when i pulled the examattemtlog file 21 of the kids had gotten 100% but they literally spent 0 seconds on the quiz according to the database file. Do you perhaps know what could have caused that?

Technical details:

  • Kolibri version 0.14.7
  • Linux Ubuntu Operating system
  • Google Chrome Browser

Hi @William,

To make sure we’re not talking at cross-purposes - you refer to an examattemptlog file? Which file is this? Are you referring to the examattemptlog table in the default database? I would note that there would be multiple examattemptlog rows in the database for each quiz attempt, are you saying that the sum of the time_spent for all of these is 0?

It’s very possible that Kolibri simply isn’t recording this information properly. We have made some changes to how we record this data in 0.15, which should ensure more veridical recording of these measures. I hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

@richard yes i’m referring to the examattemptlog table in the default database but not all the sum of the time_spent for all of these is 0 just the ones highlighted in yellow.

Yes, that field was never actually used by Kolibri to store any data. In 0.15 we have migrated away from the examattemptlog table to use the attemptlog table instead, and it now accurately records the time spent on each question - in addition, there will now be a contentsummarylog corresponding to each quiz that will record the total time spent by the learner.

@richard so we are still using the 0.14.7 version, would you then advise that we upgrade and if so are there any other issues to be aware of with regards to the new version? Thank you for your response

I would definitely advise upgrading, as there have been a significant number of improvements to Kolibri as a whole, and also many bug fixes that are in 0.15, but not in 0.14.7.

The main thing to be aware of is that upgrading will migrate your existing quiz data to the new data structures that we have in place - but cannot back fill the time spent information. It does mean that any new quizzes taken after the upgrade will have this information associated.