Any way to change decimal separator on existing Khan Academy content?

Greetings everyone,
I am part of an organization called Edulution. We deploying Kolibri in some schools in South Africa, with a focus on Khan Academy maths content.
Unfortunately, all of the Khan maths exercises in English uses a full stop as the decimal separator, while a comma is used as the decimal separator in South Africa.
Is it possible to change the existing Khan Academy maths content to use a specific decimal separator depending on the locale?
The only version of Khan academy I could find that uses comma decimal separator is the Brazil content, which will not be feasible due to the language difference.

Any guidance would be helpful.

Hi @kapsak,

Glad to hear that Edulution is still going well, it’s been a while since we last collaborated! Unfortunately, I believe that the decimal separators in the questions are hardcoded into the questions themselves. The perseus exercise framework does allow for localization of the decimal separator given in answers, but the questions themselves would need to be edited to change their content.

As the Khan Academy exercises are imported in their raw format, this would involve editing the raw JSON and reuploading with a script.

Alternatively - have you considered reaching out to Khan Academy themselves, to see if they have plans to do this localization for the South African context? We are currently in the process of updating our import scripts for Khan Academy, so should be able to bring in new updates relatively quickly.

Kind Regards,

Hi Richard,
Thanks for your reply. You have a point, it’s probably best to reach out to Khan Academy themselves in case they already have their English content for different localizations.
Editing and reuploading raw JSON will be the last resort if all else fails. I may come back to you for some more guidance on this if needed.

Thanks a lot,