Adding external Apps to Kolibri offline server

Good day, Could you please advise if we can add apps to the local server in development environment?

We want to add like Blockly apps (the offline version) to be accessible for offline via Kolibri server?

Thank you kindly for your response in advance! Much appreciate it.

Hi Bryan,

It’s great that you reached out on this, because we’ve been working on integrating the Blockly apps for use in Kolibri and the channel is nearly ready. In terms of adding other apps, it would be great to see samples of the kinds of files you have in mind so that we can include this as we design this feature.

Hi @laura,

I know it has been a while since i replied to this post, but it’s still hovering in the back of mind :slight_smile:.

What is the chances of adding Free Code Camp to an offline version onto Kolibri?

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Hi Bryan,

I work on content import pipeline at Learning Equality and wanted to thanks for pointing us to the freeCodeCamp. This looks like an amazing curriculum: well structured and covers all the important coding topics.

I took a brief look at the source code makes me think this should be very much importable. I don’t see any calls to a backend for compilation of the code, so it should be able to run all in the browser.

Some potential blockers:

  • The video explanation like on this page seem to be powered by, which I’m not sure how we can package for offline use.
  • The way we render HTML5App content on Kolibri blocks certain browser APIs (for security reasons) so there might be problems if the freeCodeCamp UI makes heavy use of these (might require workarounds).

I’m going to add it to our list of content sources we’re prospecting, but I can’t tell you a timeline for when we’ll be able to work on it. I’ll post in this thread again if I have updates.

Thanks again for suggesting this amazing source.

PS: You also mentioned Blockly Games in you original message, which is the “beginner” version of this. We’ve imported that (see channel token ralas-badon or channel id e409b964366a59219c148f2aaa741f43) or check it out on the demoserver.


Hi @ivan

Thanks so much for getting back to me.
I’m really excited about getting FCC to our local community. It’s powerful resource. I think it will be amazing to add on the Kolibri channel. It has so many success stories from new developers.

Thanks so much as well for adding Blockly Games it is already on list as a resource on our platform :smiley:

PS: I’m part of the group in The Social Project (in case you have heard of them) in South Africa, Kolibri is our primary source to render offline content to our communities. We have over 40 Severs with Kolibri installed.

Thanks so much for your amazing work!!

You can have a look here on how we use it:

Looking forward to hear from you re FCC.

Hi @ivan

When you have a moment, have a look at this: :smile:

@ivan @laura @jonathan I am happy i have found this issue before i posted a duplication.

We have taken the source code for Blockly games and did an extension of the activities on the maze game to add up the levels to 20.

I have now Zipped it as in the manual -

The arrangement of the directories in the non zipped file are as shown -

and they work very well as shown

I then compress the contents as shown below

I then create a channel on Kolibri studio and upload the compressed folder then import it from my Kolibri.

When I click to open the channel I see a nice icon- image

I hoped it would run the index file but it doesn’t seem to run and gives the error below.

Any ideas of what i could potentially be doing wrong?

Hi Maxwell,

I think you’re doing everything right!

I tested your studio channel with the modified Blockly Game and it seems to work fine:
^ note it took 30 seconds to load all the necessary javascript, but in the end it worked and I was able to play some levels:

I’m not sure how you ran into that problem, but from what I see above you’re doing everything right, and it seems to be working. The only thing I can think of is if you were testing on an older version of Kolibri — make sure you use the latest release (currently v0.12.8), as the HTML5App support is constantly improving.