Where does the content from Kolibri come from?

The team at Learning Equality has selected content sources that are high quality, open source, and available in one of the formats that are compatible with our software. Users may also upload their own content for use in the platform. We are regularly reviewing additional content sources to incorporate as global channels, with our goal being to provide educational resources in a wide array of languages and subject areas. Some of our initial content sources include: Khan Academy, CK-12, TESSA, and more.

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Hi Laura, we are currently working as implementing partners of UN Women in Second Chance Education program in Mexico.
We are concerned about quality evaluation for the materials and have been looking for evaluation frameworks for online courses. We’ve identified a few of them already, such as the https://www.qualitymatters.org/ framework. I am wondering if Learning Equality has its own quality assurance processes, indicators and instruments and if you do, if we can access them and adapt them for our own context. Thanks in advance.