Request to review and provide feedback on Learning Equality’s Project Based Learning Curriculum and/or Training Pack

Dear LE Community,

Over the past year, Learning Equality has been developing a Project Based Learning with Kolibri (Toolkit) Training Pack, and a Project Based Learning Curriculum as a publicly available resource for education programs implemented in low-resource contexts, who otherwise would not have access to high quality, tech enabled, educational content and resources.

We are excited to announce that we have completed the design and the development of the above resources. As we are committed to prioritizing participatory approaches in our design, and capturing community voices, we are looking for support from close collaborators like you in helping to review and refine the tools and materials we have developed.

What’s involved:
If you are interested and available to review any of our new materials, please let us know! We would ask you to spend up to 1 hour reviewing any section(s) that are most interesting to you from either the Toolkit or Curriculum. Your name will be credited in the Toolkit for your feedback contributions.

You would have two options for delivering feedback:

  1. Adding Google Drive comments directly onto materials using the ‘Comment’ feature (If you would like to comment anonymously, you can do so by viewing the documents in Incognito Mode)
  2. Completing the relevant feedback form (below) for high level feedback.

The materials:
The PBL with Kolibri Toolkit includes:

  1. Phase 1: Project Based Learning With Kolibri
  2. Phase 2: Data Informed Pedagogy and Differentiated Instruction
  3. Phase 3: Designing Curricula and Lesson Plans using Kolibri Studio

PBL Toolkit Feedback form

The PBL Curriculum includes:

  1. Scope and Sequence
  2. Facilitation guidelines for 4 Units of Lesson Plans
  3. Facilitation guidelines for 3 parental engagement sessions
  4. Aligned digital resources on Kolibri for building foundational literacy, numeracy, SEL, and PBL skills (note: this online server is for demo purposes only)

PBL Curriculum Feedback form

We ask that if you are able to provide feedback, you share it with us by the end of November. Depending on the changes needed, we anticipate either making the materials publicly available in Q4 of this year or Q1 of next year.

From the beginning of KA Lite, Learning Equality has relied on and celebrated the hard work of volunteers who helped ensure the vision of the broader ecosystem that Kolibri supports come to fruition, and we would be delighted to have your thoughts and feedback on these materials.

Please let us know if you have any questions and feel free to pass this onto anyone whom it may be relevant for. Thanks in advance for your support, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

The LE Team