What updates are required?

I am working to implement this for our facility for individuals to further their educational goals.

  1. Would it be possible for you to send me your software on a CD so that it can easily be downloaded onto all the computers that the inmates have access to?

  2. How often does the software need to be updated? It appears that the current software that can be downloaded will already require updating.

  3. Would we be able to work out a way for our facility to receive quarterly updates on a CD?

  4. Is reasonable access still permitted to the software prior updates ? What I mean by this is if you require monthly updates but we decide to only update the software quarterly, would it affect the current software that we have if we do not update it monthly?

Please let me know what assistance you can provide to these inquiries. This would be a great opportunity for our facility to safely and securely offer additional programing opportunities to those placed in our care and custody. Additional contact information is also below.

My name is David and I am a developer at Learning Equality. I’m happy to answer your questions:

Unfortunately, this isn’t a service we provide. However, there are some alternatives to using a CD! For example, if you could use a USB flash drive:

  1. You would download the installer by following the directions for your operating system at this page.
    Here is the shortcut for Windows, if this is what your computers are running.
  2. Transfer the downloaded installer over to the USB flash drive
  3. Follow the directions on the page for every computer you’d like to install KA Lite on

Our ideal model, however, doesn’t require that you have KALite installed on every machine - KALite includes client-server functionality, so you would install it on one machine (the server) and have all the other computers act as clients to access the single installation. I’d be happy to provide more details on this, if you’re interested.

The software requires that you download a large set of content and files at first - after that, we periodically release optional updates to fix reported bugs. KALite, however, is at the end of its lifecycle in favor of our new product: Kolibri.

If you’d like to know more, click here to check out the FAQs. I’m also happy answer any questions you might have.

Again, this isn’t a service we provide, but you can keep up with updates using the same installation directions - each operating system has its own “Upgrade” link.

For example, here’s Windows’ upgrade path.

Access is never restricted because you’re only ever accessing your own computer! Everything is downloaded offline to your installation, including all user account information.

Upgrading to the latest version is completely optional, and we don’t operate on a strict release schedule.


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