What is Kolibri Data Portal

I just installed Kolibri and am seeing SYNC Facility and Register Facility - these then somehow showed me the Kolibri Data Portal URL

I also found this message here on the forum
@coffde we are currently providing access to KDP to a few pilot organizations on a contractual basis, and ultimately plan to offer this as a paid offering, depending on project scope and reporting needs. We will let the community know once we have opened it up for public use, but at the moment are not offering public accounts. Apologies for the confusion as I know it’s referenced in the Kolibri UI!

I work with an NGO in Pakistan - we have Schools across the country servinf DEF Students, we have got a catalog on studio and are now ready to push content on it and planning to implement Kolibri not just at our schools but other schools as well.

We would like to get return data of the users and usage. What is this Data Portal and is this of benefit for us ?

Hi @ZaidPirwani,

Thank you for your interest in Kolibri and Kolibri Data Portal (KDP). Someone from the Learning Equality team will reach out to answer your questions.

Regarding the Kolibri Data Portal URL you shared, that’s an unstable development server for KDP which shouldn’t have been exposed. I’ve altered your post to remove it to avoid any potential confusion for other users, as it’s unstable and shouldn’t be utilized. Do you have any more insight you could provide on how you came upon that URL?


Thanks Blaine, I understand it is a work in progress, if possible, we would like to be part of KDP development. usage, feedback and assist in any way, as I think this might be something we will be needing in future.
I also saw the name in the Kolibri Video on Kolibri Studio Documentation page which mentions KDP and the description is what we would need in future - we are planning many sites with Kolibri.

I also saw the Kolibri Data Portal from the Facilities Page in Kolibri, I am logged in as Super Admin
I see SYNC and Options links in front of my Facility and this somehow led me to KDP
I am assuming SYNC would sync data with KDP and in Options I see a Register Facility Action which also mentions Kolibri Data Portal.

Then I googled it and got the URL, it is the first result for me, checked in incognito as well.

Thank you @ZaidPirwani for providing the additional insight. I’ve been able to find the URL by googling.

On the LE Community forum, there are references to an upcoming KDP (Kolibri Data Portal). What further information can be provided as to the planned functionality of the KDP and what is the expected roll-out date? Thank you!

Hi @BrettH,

Currently Kolibri Data Portal is a closed beta that we make available to specific users to support projects on which we are closely collaborating.

It allows a range of aggregation and reporting on the aggregate data.

Kind Regards,