Upgrade to 0.14.4 unsuccessful on Ubuntu 18.04

Hello Support,
Thank you for your hard work and recent 0.14.4 upgrade.

Using command line update/upgrade commands, I am unable to upgrade two Kolibri servers running Ubuntu 18.04 to 0.14.4. The repository policy for the machine is as follows

I was able to upgrade two Kolibri servers both running Ubuntu 20.04. Perhaps I am missing something on the Ubuntu 18.04 units?

Any advice?

Kind regards,

Hello @mrdavidhaag feel free to blame me for forgetting the 18.04 release when uploading the new kolibri package :blush:
I have just done it, it should be available in less than 30 minutes (around 13:30 GMT).
My apologies

No problem.
Perhaps a good reminder that we should be upgrading to 20.04
Thank you for the super fast reply.

Confirming the Ubuntu 18.04 is now upgraded successfully

Thank you for your time and expert help