Test results Samsung Galaxy S9, Android

Test conducted using the following version:


Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F)
Android 9

TL;DR - Everything worked rather well, except for creating lessons

Steps attempted:

  1. Setup screens to create a facility and set up a superadmin: operation succesful
  2. Import channels from Kolibri Studio: operation successful both with public channels and with private channels using tokens. NB: When the first channel is installed, the message “No channels installed” appears below. This could be misinterpreted as an error message to mean that installation of the channel failed. In fact, it means that no channels were installed just now. Consider rewording.
  3. Under Device>Channels, the Options button extends outside the border of its containing div when the phone is held in portrait. Consider using an icon instead of the word OPTIONS to fit the button within the container. (see screenshot)
  4. Navigating throughout the channels: success
  5. Video playback: success, including all operations (speed, skip forward/backward 10s, adjust volume) except for fullscreen option, which is deactivated
  6. Viewing text documents: success
  7. Multiple choice exercises: success, but multiple choice answers are contained within a table where the lines separating each row look slightly odd as they extend beyond the border of the table. this happens in both portrait mode and landscape mode. (see screenshot)
  8. Number entry exercises: success and number pad appears as expected, and typing fractions works well
  9. Navigation throughout all screens (Learn, Coach, Facility, Device, Profile): succes
  10. Pressing back button: success, takes user to previous screen
  11. Create/delete classes: success
  12. Create/delete users: success
  13. Assign/remove users to/from classes: success
  14. Assign/remove coaches to/from classes: success
  15. Rename a class: success, but name only updates on screen when you navigate away and back again
  16. Create a lesson: FAIL. After giving the name a description and clicking continue, the popup persisted. After clicking cancel, the error message “Sorry! Something went wrong!” is shown under the Coach section, even clicking Refresh, navigating away and back again, and even after logging in and out again. Would need to reinstall the whole app and create new facility to get the functionality back.
  17. Sign in as a different user: success
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