Stream videos from teachers PC

Is it posible to stream videos from one (teachers) laptop to other (students), so that studetns won’t have to download them on their laptops?

Hi @Razmikb - what videos are you referring to? And what mechanism of streaming? Do you mean showing a video on the student’s screen such that the screen locks to the video?

Hi @benjamin,
Say I have 10 laptops, one is teacher’s. Can I download videos to teacher’s laptop and then stream from that laptop to student’s laptops? (Student’s laptops don’t have enough free memory to download videos there)

Hi @Razmikb

KA Lite does not “download” videos as such, but uses a browser-based interface to stream them. Same concept as - say - Youtube. But KA Lite is also a server, it can run from the teacher’s laptop, and students can access the Khan Academy videos through their browser.

I hope it makes sense, otherwise I suggest that you download and test the program.


Understood, thank you Benjamin