Short Answer Questions

Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to add a short answer question to either a quiz or exercise? I know there is the option to do multiple choice and true false, but I would like to ask a question that my students respond to with a short paragraph. How might I be able to do this? Thank you!
(I also see you answered a similar question in 2020, but wondering if this has changed)

Hi @Haley_Meis,

Unfortunately, this has not changed in the interim. The main challenge is not the technical one of adding this as an answer type - we’ve prototyped that relatively successfully - but rather the user experience for the coach and the student, as our current exercise workflow relies entirely on the automated grading, so we would need to update the experience to better handle the case where an answer would need to be manually graded by a coach.

It’s still in our roadmap to address this, as we know it’s a clear need and use case, sorry to report there has been no progress so far!

Kind Regards,

Hi Richard,
That makes sense, I appreciate your response!! Thank you for the help.