Rice cooker - update existing channel


I have just learned bascially how to use tool ‘rice cooker’ to create channel and add video,pdf files ,kalite custom questions,persius question etc.

I Justed wanted to know , if the tool 'ricecooker have facility to update an existing channel.I just wanted to add some persius question to my existing channel but found that it is mainly used to create channel not for updating.

Also while writing the code for create kalite custom question(single select,multi select,input question), i was wondering how to display exponent and fraction in question.

I found that channel created by tool ‘rice cooker’ cannot be edited using kolibri studio. I felt the need to update few contents without reuploading all again using the tool ‘ricecooker’.


Hi Anand,
Thanks for sending in this question about Kolibri Studio.

It’s very exciting that you’ve discovered Ricecooker! Ricecooker is a tool we’ve developed for efficiently importing large amounts of external content, such as content from Persius and Khan Academy.

Channels created using Ricecooker can be updated by simply re-running their script. Any files that have already been uploaded won’t get re-uploaded on subsequent runs.

As you’ve noticed, these channels cannot be edited directly in Kolibri Studio. However, you can still remix their content into other channels created directly with Kolibri Studio.

As for your question about typesetting math, anything between double dollar signs should be interpreted as latex. For example:

Here is an exponent: $$e^x$$. Here is a fraction: $$\frac{x}{y}$$.

I hope this clears things up!