[RESOLVED] LDAP or system accounts

We are running Kolibri on a linux system on which we run other services that require login/accounts. Is it possible for Kolibri to use LDAP or system accounts?

Technical details

Version: 0.14.7
OS: Linux-5.10.52-v7l±armv7l-with-debian-10.10
Python: 3.7.3
Installer: kolibri(apt) with kolibri-server Version: 0.3.6-0ubuntu1
Server: nginx/1.14.2
Database: /home/pi/.kolibri/db.sqlite3

Hello @joostdam
It’s possible but it’s not done.
In the past some plugins to add more authentication methods have been developed, like GitHub - learningequality/kolibri-oidc-client-plugin but LDAP has not been done.

However, Kolibri is a Django project, so a developer having some Python/LDAP knowledge can do it using Django Authentication Using LDAP — django-auth-ldap 4.0.1.dev3+gd1372d9.d20220128 documentation The OIDC plugin can be used to scaffold the plugin.


That is great news and it sounds doable. We will dive into this.


Great, please, keep the community reported on your process and don’t hesitate in asking for information or help if needed. Good luck.