[RESOLVED] 403 errors in browser after moving content to Attached USB storage


I’m attempting to set up Kolibri server on a RaspberryPi, The install went smooth and the site runs fine. However After following the directions about moving content to the attached USB the videos and images are not loaded in the browser. The browser console reports 403 permission issues.

Technical details

  • Kolibri version Latest
  • Operating system PI
  • Browser Chrome

I assume this has something to do Nginx links, I have read all forums and docs and do not see any solutions.

hello @Seven_on_the_Sea can you link here what instructions did you follow to move the content?
Trying to reproduce your steps will help to solve the problem.
As you say, the problem is likely in nginx but it should have been automatically solved by kolibri-server unless the instructions or the package has some errors.


I follow the instructions for manually installing on a pi.


I ended up getting it working but changed so much I don’t even know what ended up fixing it. Likely…

  • Changing Nginx configs
  • Changing permissions on media files and folders

Thanks for the response, if I figure out what was needed I’ll post it here.