Removing topics and videos

On our Rachel-Plus we planned on utilizing the KA Lite module in multiple correctial facilities. Is there a way to have a sub-category removed? It appears our only option is to hide the module as a whole. Some of the science content we will have a problem getting into the facilities…:worried:


You can delete videos by logging in as a Manager, navigate to the Manage->Videos tab and picking whole topics or individual videos to remove:

However, this does not include exercises. For this, you need to access the content database itself. But maybe removing the videos is sufficient for you?


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Hello @benjamin,

Reply on the closed topic: Hide downloaded video’s for the Learner

We have different learner groups with different study programs on one KA-lite server, sharing most of the modules in more learner groups, some modules only for one learner group. If we download a set of modules, all those modules are visable for all groups. Is it possible to hide modules (not delete) for some groups?

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Hi @Wijnand - if you open up ~/.kalite/database/content_khan_en.sqlite (for English contents) and edit this SQLite database, you can set available=0 on those rows that are kind="Topic" which you want to hide.

This requires knowledge of SQL and a program that can execute statements in the SQLite database. I would suggest this Firefox plugin:

Notice that this will be overwritten if you install an update of the English content pack, so best to save your changes into an SQL statement that you can rerun in case you update or want to deploy the same change on other devices.