Question about 0.16 milestone

So I had created an issue that was then dinged to be part of the “0.16 Needs Decision or Design” ( 0.16 BLOCKED - Needs decisions or Design Milestone · GitHub ) milestone (issue I created was regarding the offsite links). That milestone decision item is now considered 2 months past due.

I am just curious what this means. I had assumed when I saw it attached to that that there would be some meeting to decide if those items tagged for it would be addressed in 0.16. What does them being overdue mean exactly? I guess I just do not understand how this community operates and I was trying to gather info.

I know the holidays were ongoing. I am fully understanding of things. I’m just asking what the overdue status meant and how it got that way and what/if this will mean to get changed.

Hi @Brian_LePore

Thank you for your feedback and for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any confusion regarding the status of the “0.16 Needs Decisions or Design” milestone. Please note that issues such as regressions or other major problems are generally prioritized over other tasks. At this time, the issue that you created does not have a set due date.

It is our intention to provide more transparent due dates and timelines for community feature recommendations in the future. Again, we apologize for the misleading date and milestone, we are working on a plan to provide more information about the status of these types of issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hi @liana ,

First, thank you for the reply. I truly appreciate it.

Second, I do understand that regressions and other problems absolutely should take priority. That is just the way good software should be handled and I do feel like Kolibri qualifies as such.

Third, I just want to make sure it was clear that my understanding was that as of two months ago a decision was supposed to have been made about whether the item was to be taken up for inclusion in the 0.16 was to be made at that time. I absolutely did not expect the functionality was to be done (or even an estimate on how long such a feature would take) at that point. Just whether the item was going to be targeted for potential inclusion.

Fourth, so what was the date 2 months ago supposed to have been if it was not a date when decisions on what functionality to possibly include in that version? I guess I’m not sure what that date was for?

Hi @Brian_LePore,

You are correct, the inclusion of the date on that milestone was a mistake on our side, and we apologize that it misled.

As of now, the issue you raised has not been triaged for inclusion in any specific release. When that changes, you will see the milestone being updated and more activity on the issue.

Kind Regards,