Hi Yesterday, I tried to attend to dev meeting

Hi Yesterday, I tried to attend to dev meeting on Dawn 3:30 AM, Korean time. but No one accepts a request. Is there a requirement to attend dev meeting?

Hey there! I think that you might have tried to join a day late. It would have been Tuesday 3:30am your time.

What inspired you to want to join in on the dev meeting? Do you have any questions about Learning Equality or Kolibri that I might be able to answer here?

Hi Jpierce
If there is no requirement then I’ll be there.
I’m a fan of Khan academy and LE project. I want to help people too. Now I’m learning Vue.js, and Django framework for debugging issues on Github. I can only solve a easy miner UI problems though. So I Though I should join dev meeting for what is going on here.

That is great that you are interested in our work! We appreciate it greatly that you want to help and contribute.

Our dev meeting is probably not a great place for you to learn more. We have that meeting for internal planning and team updates and we don’t set time aside in the meeting for discussion of technical issues.

I found you on Github and see that you’ve submitted a couple of issues and have asked a question about an existing issue. This is the best way to get involved in contributing and we’d greatly appreciate any help that you can offer in addressing open issues.

If there are any questions you have about Github issues please comment and ask questions. We would be happy to help.

If there are questions that you might have wanted to discuss at the dev meeting, this support forum would probably be the best place to ask them because our team can give you a clear and well-written answer to your questions.

Another great reason for those questions to be posted on the forum is that future people like yourself who want to contribute can find our discussion and learn from it.

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